Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be in the spring or summer for you to have a ball! We’ve come up with a slew of winter-themed bachelorette parties! After reading this list, we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted more than one!

  1. Ski Weekend. Grab your gal pals and hit the slopes! A ski weekend is the perfect cold weather alternative to a beach getaway!
  2. If you can’t take a whole weekend, sledding is another great option. Warm up afterward with a spiked cocoa bar!
  3. Warm Drinks Contest. Break out your best Martha Stewart impressions and have a contest to find out who can make the best tasting hot alcoholic drink!
  4. Go Somewhere Tropical. If you’re truly sick of the winter weather, use your bachelorette party as an opportunity to head south for some sun!
  5. Flannel Themed Party. What better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding than reminiscing on all your favorite memories while decked out in flannel! Hot toddy optional…
  6. DIY Crafts. There are few things more fun on a cold winter’s day than being able to bundle up inside, sip some mulled wine, and work on a few craft projects!
  7. Caramel Apple Dipping. Create your own custom caramel apples with tons of delicious toppings- bonus points to whoever’s looks the most professional!
  8. Hot Chocolate Liquor Bar. Spiked hot chocolate is one of the best parts of winter! Just add a movie marathon for a cozy, festive bachelorette party!
  9. Football Game. For some real winter fun, make plans to tailgate at a football game! Don’t forget to wear your bachelorette sashes over the top of your coats!
  10. Pajama Party. Build up a crackling fire, throw on your cutest pajamas, and have a dance party that lasts all night with your besties.
  11. Winter White. Your bachelorette party will be totally chic if you use winter white as your theme! Don’t forget to get a spray tan before, though!
  12. Winter Campout. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where your winters are mild (and maybe even warm), take advantage by planning a winter-y campout.
  13. Brunch Party. Thankfully, brunch never goes out of season! Dress up in your cutest winter sweaters and accessories, and head out to a delicious Christmassy brunch!
  14. Basketball Game. If you love sports, but the thought of being outside at a football game in the dead of winter is unappealing, a basketball game makes for the perfect indoor alternative.
  15. Spa Day. Treat yourselves to some steamy spa treatments and massages to keep the winter chill at bay- at least for the day!

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