Get Wild With These Free Super Glam Party Invitations!

Get the party started in style with these free wild super glam themed party invitations, they will be sure to get the girls excited for the evening ahead. Think of how cute these free invitations would be printed on pink animal print paper. Whether your bride likes martinis and stilettos or sequins and animal print thiswild glam free bachelorette party invitations bachelorette party is sure to make a statement. Be sure to pick up a rhinestone bride to be tiara ¬†and sparkle veil ¬†along with a light up ring so you can always find your bride no matter how dark the club is. Don’t forget to get a little something for all of your guest, take a look at this girly bachelorette party favor kit, it contains all of the ingredients for a glamorous and wild bachelorette party. If your planning this soiree in the city’s finest restaurant or hitting the trendiest night club there are plenty of fun games you can take with you or have the ladies participate in a scavenger hunt while out on the town. Take a look here for even more wild and glamorous party favors!

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